Tesla Fuses

Front fuses


Front fuses circuit

No. A Description
F1 250 DCDC input
F2 60 Power Steering
F3 Not Used
F4 125 Cabin Subfeed
F100 5 Siren and Intrusion Module
F101 15 Driver Assist Forward Camera
F102 Not Used
F103 25 ABS Valves
F104 5 Battery Sensor
F105 Not Used
F106 Not Used
F107 5 Drive Inverter, Rear
F108 5 Drive Rail Sense
F109 10 Park Assist
F110 5 Restraints Control Module
F111 Not Used
F112 5 Cabin Comfort Systems
F113 10 Cabin Air Heater
F114 10 Thermal Controller, Inlets, Battery Heater
F115 Not Used
F116 10 Body Controls Group 1
F117 10 Air Suspension Controls/Valves
F118 Not Used
F120 Not Used
F121 . Not Used
F122 15 Coolant Pump 3
F123 15 Coolant Pump 2
F124 10 Windshield Wiper De-Ice
F125 10 Contactor Power
F126 Not Used
F127 Not Used
F130 15 Driver Assist Forward Radar
F131 Not Used
F132 5 Drive Inverter, Front
F133 Not Used
F134 Not Used
F135 10 Driver Assistance Forward Camera Defog
F136 15 Coolant Pump 4
F137 15 Coolant Pump 1
F138 30 Rear Defrost Grid
F139 Not Used
F140 Not Used
F141 Not Used
F142 15 Security Controls and Horns
F143 30 Body Controls Group 2
F144 20 Headlamps
F145 25 Exterior Lighting
F150 40 Condenser Fan, Left
F151 50 ABS Pump Motor
F152 Not Used
F153 Not Used
F154 40 Air Suspension Compressor
F155 40 Condenser Fan, Right
F156 40 iBoost (Brake Assist)
F160 30 Cabin Blower
F161 Not Used
K100 Not Used
K101 HVAC Rail group 1
K102 Rear Defrost Grid
K110 Drive Rail
K111 HVAC Rail
K112 Air Suspension Controller


Cabin fuses

Cabin fuses circuit


No. A Description
F200 5 Memory Seat Module
F201 25 Window Lift Motor, Left Rear
F202 15 12V Accessory
F203 Not Used
F204 25 Window Lift Motor, Right Front
F205 25 Window Lift Motor, Left Front
F206 25 Sunroof
F207 15 12V Accessory Outlet
F208 Not Used
F209 Not Used
F210 30 Power Liftgate
F211 25 Window Lift Motor, Right Rear
F212 20 Electric Park Brake (primary)
F213 20 Electric Park Brake (redundant)
F214 Not Used
F215 10 Steering Wheel Heater
F216 Not Used
F217 20 Premium Audio Amplifier
F218 20 Base Audio Amplifier
F219 5 Glove Box Light, Diagnostics
F220 5 Brake Pedal Switch
F221 5 Battery Management System
F230 15 Seat Heater, Second Row, Right
15 Not Used
F231 15 Seat Heater, Second Row, Left
15 Seat Heater, Second Row, Middle
F232 15 Seat Heater, First Row, Left
15 Seat Heater, First Row, Right
F233 10 Door Controls, Left, Door Handle Left Front
10 Door Controls, Right, Door Handle, Right Front
F234 5 Door Handle, Left Rear
5 Door Handle, Right Rear
F235 10 Gateway / Center Display
10 Charging Systems
F236 5 Steering Angle / Column
5 Radio, Vanity Lights, Rear View Mirror
F237 5 Instrument Cluster
5 iBooster
F240 30 Seat Motors, Right Front
F241 30 Seat Motors, Left Front